Become a Wine Tasting Pro in Five Minutes!

The SwirlSwirl Today's short lesson is the swirl! Outside of actually enjoying a glass of wine, this has always been my favorite part. Swirling allows oxygen to mix with the wine, opening the ethers, esters, and aldehydes, producing the nose or smell. Check out the "legs" of the wine which are left on the inside of the glass. The fuller the wine, the thicker the legs. A thin wine will have few legs or even none at all. Be sure not to fill your glass entirely when swirling. You'll want to avoid wearing your wine in lieu of tasting it. I've seen plenty a Danville Financial Planner manage to stain an expensive shirt with an overzealous pour. Placing the glass on a solid surface, grasp it at its base and swirl. Give it a try! You're ready for the next step and tomorrow's lesson. See you then!