Having Fun Getting to Know Yourself: Creating a Goal Collage

Ok ladies, here's a great way to exercise your creative side and get started on your own financial planning. I often ask new clients to share their vision of retirement with me. What is shocking to me is how many people don't know. They haven't allowed themselves or taken the time just to dream. How can you know how much you'll need to retire if you don't know what kind of lifestyle you want to lead? Our solution? The Goal Collage!

Scrapbookers and Pinterest addicts will find this exercise easy, but for those who don't partake in either, you can simply use a photo album or box to keep your pictures in. You can go through magazines, brochures, and online. Wherever you find inspiration for what you'd like your retirement years to look like. Put it all together and share it with your financial advisor over lunch and a glass of wine. 

Not only will your retirement planner find it very useful, but you'll have fun putting it all together. The best part is that it can change with you and your desires. Check our bucket list items on Pinterest for ideas as you get started and let us know how your collage is coming along.