Professional Athletes: How to Get the Freeloaders Off Your Coattails

They're out there. Cleverly disguised as people who can help your career, friends, and even family. Riding your coattails to fame and fortune is the dream of many. Have you already been approached about the new apparel line that's sure to make millions? How about sponsors who want to pay you in company stock? My favorite was the guy who, shortly after his best friend's career took off, moved in with his friend and started suggesting things like, "we should buy a house" meaning the athlete should buy the house so the friend could throw outrageous parties there for free. 

With all these things being thrown at you everyday, how do you get these people off your back without hurting the relationships that are important to you? You need to appoint some muscle in your life. Having someone to do your dirty work can help you achieve the result of getting someone off of your back while making it appear it's not your fault so there aren't hard feelings between you and the would be freeloader. 

Our solution to this problem is to have clients tell those who have new business ideas and investment opportunities that it sounds like a great idea and that they'd like to have their investment advisor take a look at the particulars. After speaking with these people over the phone, we politely explain that we either already have something like this in our client's portfolio or that it doesn't work for their particular needs. We've easily put people off the tails of our clients without putting them off.

Having someone in your camp to run interference can take away a lot of stress from your life. Find someone that you can trust and work out a way to let people down gently when saying "no."