The Day to Day Stress We Save You: A Look Behind the Scenes


Have you ever looked at your billing statement from your financial advisor and wondered if the service is really worth the money you're spending? If you're like most, you need to be reminded at least once a year exactly what goes into the service. Now not all financial advisory firms are the same, but like anything in this world you should be getting what you pay for. 

The first thing that comes to mind is performance. Despite our ability to guarantee how well your assets will do in the future, performance is always the first thing clients look at to determine the value of an advisor. Beyond that, what is the value of the customer support provided? 

Since I can only speak for our firm, I thought it might be fun to give you a behind the scenes look at what happens each day in the office as we work to help you achieve your dreams. 

The morning meeting. No matter where we are in the world, each day our staff calls in and discusses the business at hand. This is when we come together to collaborate on financial plans, discuss the latest economic news, how it could effect your investments and decide if any changes should be recommended. 

We prepare your paperwork so that we meet, you can spend less time pouring over paragraphs and more time speaking with us about what's really important to you. 

Throughout the day, we speak with clients about their most recent concerns and personal challenges, working together to find solutions. We put our heads together with our clients CPAs and legal counsel to find strategies which cover all your bases.

Our client support team spends hours each day on the phone ensuring your transfers, pay distributions, and communications with other financial companies are handled without as minimal a need to involve you as possible. What this really means is that we transfer all the time you would normally be on hold, listening to the latest version of musical torture being used to get you to hang up, and dealing with Peggy, the infuriating customer service rep who likes to transfer you to a number where you wait for 30 minutes before you're disconnected.

We keep you on track and on schedule. We make sure your portfolio gets rebalanced and track your performance against your goals. When it's time, we remind you about important dates such as filing for social security. 

In my opinion, your financial firm should be more than just the measure of how well your investments are doing. You should be able to measure value by the time you save having to deal with the day to day business of your investments and financial planning. If time is the one thing we can't make more of then we hope the time and stress we are able to save you are the traits you judge us on most. As always, let us know how we're doing. We like hearing about the things you feel we do well, but we love to know about the things we can do better.