The Lie You Tell Yourself About Saving Money

Spend vs Save.png

You are not saving money while shopping. One of the biggest enemies of financial health is the spending virus. It worms its way through everything we do. From running into the convenience store to buy a soda while we pump gas to the Black Friday sales that have consumers camping out in parking lots on Thanksgiving night, spending is an epidemic. 

Now of course we don't want to feel like we're spending. We don't want people around us to think we have a problem, so we lie to ourselves first and then to the people around us. Once the lie catches on, we perpetuate the lie in our social circles so that it seems normal. Now we can all spend more money than we should without the fear of feeling badly. 

The lie in this case is that you can save money when you go shopping. By definition it's impossible to save money when you're writing a check, swiping your card or making a purchase of any kind. You may be spending less, but the only way you can save money is if your money is in an interest bearing account or investment that sees a return that's greater than inflation.

So discard the term saving from your spending vocabulary and remember that if you've spent a dollar, you haven't saved a dime.