Planning is Power

Financial Planning.png

All your life you've been told that if you want to get ahead and if you want to be the best version of yourself that you can be, you'll need to prepare. We spend years educating ourselves knowing that we'll never stop learning. We continue to unravel new aspects of our understanding and unlocking potential we never thought existed. We know that the best results require knowledge, dedication, and motivation. If you're the type of person who strives to be better then you need a plan. 

Financial planning is no different from exercise. First, you need to find the motivation to get off the couch and get started. Self-motivation can be a tricky thing. It's there one moment then gone the next. If the one thing you do during that time is to make an appointment with a trainer, then you've set yourself up to succeed. A trainer is someone who has the knowledge and expertise to reach your goals. A good trainer will meet with you and help determine a nutrition and exercise plan that takes into consideration where you are, where you'd like to be, and all the personality traits that might help or hinder your progress. You'll work with someone who challenges you without overreaching your limitations and causing injury. Acting as a coach, you'll be accountable to someone other than yourself to do your cardio, not skip leg day, and push out those last few reps that really make the difference. 

When you've reached your goals, you may find that you have new ones. Using what you've learned from the trainer, you'll have much more input when you reevaluate your plan and be able to personalize it even further. When you look at old photos you won't even recognize the person you used to be. Over time you'll have created the person you've wanted to be and be left with the self confidence that comes from knowing that you made it happen for yourself. Sure you had help along the way, but you'll feel healthy and reinvigorated. You may even decide to share your story with others and help them find their path.

A financial plan can invigorate your life just as well. By focusing on your goals and personality, you can begin to transform your personal financial life and become the person you've always dreamed you would be. Having a coach along the way to keep you motivated is no less rewarding. Knowing what you can do each day to work toward becoming financially free keeps you honest with yourself. 

Successful people always work from a strategy. They set goals and know exactly how to attain them. They find knowledgeable help and work as part of a team. So if you want to get ripped and put yourself into the financial shape you've dreamed of, then get off the couch and make a plan. Planning is power!